Gene Mullin Of Junk Removal 123

Gene Mullin, Founder of Junk Removal 123, views his position from a unique perspective. Typically, the CEO of a well-established junk removal business sits in an office, calling the shots. Generally spending corporate dollars on fancy lunches and golf meetings, successful business owners typically develop a liking for a more refined lifestyle, transitioning to a more distant role in the daily workings of the company. Mullin, our fearless founder and leader, wakes up every morning at 4:30 a.m., washes down his toast and eggs with black coffee, and makes his commute to the shop, a humble storefront on Millway Road to begin a long and grueling day of junk removal. Out here, he looks at each job as an opportunity gifted to him to display excellent workmanship, customer service, and a humble spirit. The employees of the company view him as a peer leader, often sharing jokes and lunch.

Trash Hauling While Staying Humble

Junk Removal 123 approaches things from the ground up, aiming to please each client professionally, with respect. Mullin noticed early in his trash hauling days there were many companies who hauled trash, but many also lacked customer service, dependability, and a professional air of day-to-day business. Striving to use this to set himself apart, he rolled up his sleeves, took business courses at the local community college, completing an associate’s degree in business management. As he made his way down the college path, he encountered several executives who were so far removed from the working world that he vowed to never become that executive. The result is a successful business owner and CEO who daily gets his hands dirty doing what he loves-trash hauling. We hope you have the pleasure of experiencing Junk Removal 123’s top-notch work. Visit for more information on junk removal services available in your area, or to check out junk removal prices or other helpful information. Please call our business office for a consult and quote.